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Quack Treatments for Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

hptI am constantly asked in the clinic about various Internet treatments for tinnitus.  Most of these methods are expensive and do nothing for the tinnitus or a hearing loss.  A few years ago, I wrote a whole series of articles titled Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment.  These articles discussed the development of homeopathic medicine which, when recommended by your physician, can often be very successful in treating many medical problems.  The dark side of homeopathic medicine involves the contemporary  trend for the use of various concoctions of pills and other things on the internet that claim the reduction or elimination of tinnitus and hearing loss are NOT FDA approved and are usually a total waste of money, time and energy.  Check for yourself, the only true treatment for tinnitus is through an audiologist.  At Audiology Associates we have been treating tinnitus patients since 1978 so we have seen your issue before.  Now, armed with a number of treatment techniques we can do more for tinnitus than ever before, but as of October 2015, it does not include pills or other substances available on the Internet.  For the full story check out the following articles researched and written by Dr.Traynor:

Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment – Part I

Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment – Part II

Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment – Part III

Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment – Part IV

Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment – Part V

The links goes to the story Homeopathic Medicine and Tinnitus Treatment published January and February, 2013  by Hearing Health and Technology Matters, LLC, Tuscon, Arizona.  Linked by permission.

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