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Myths vs. Facts about Hearing Loss

The hearing loss community is filled with many myths that need to be dispelled. Not everything you hear about hearing loss is true. Audiology Associates of Greeley is here to set the record straight with our list of myths vs facts about hearing loss.


Myth: People will treat me differently if they see I am wearing hearing aids.

Fact: New technology has made hearing aids sleeker and smaller than ever before. They are not as noticeable; but even if they are, hearing loss is so common, chances are that most people either have hearing loss or know someone else who does.


Myth: Not many people are actually hearing impaired.

Fact: Over 28 million people in the U.S. have hearing loss; that translates to one in ten people.


Myth: I don’t need hearing aids, I just need to turn up the volume.

Fact: Hearing loss isn’t only about volume. People with hearing loss can’t hear certain sounds correctly which makes it difficult to understand, no matter the volume.


Myth: Hearing aids won’t help me be able to hear properly.

Fact: Most people with hearing loss can definitely benefit from hearing aids. In fact, high frequency hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss and 95% of people with high frequency hearing loss can be helped by wearing hearing aids.


Myth: Only old people have hearing loss.

Fact: Hearing loss affects people of all ages.


Myth: I would know if I had hearing loss.

Fact: The thing about hearing loss is that most people gradually lose their hearing over time, so it is not as recognizable as if you had sudden hearing loss.


Myth: I can hear most things, so I don’t need hearing aids.

Fact: A proper hearing assessment with a hearing professional is the only way to know if you can benefit from hearing aids. Hearing loss can often worsen if not treated and many people who have hearing loss slowly start to feel more isolated and alone. Don’t let that happen, seek treatment immediately.


Myth: I only need one hearing aid.

Fact: We use both of our ears to hear, it is called binaural hearing. Our hearing is actually processed in our brains, so both ears are necessary to help localize sounds, filter noises, and hear naturally. A hearing assessment with one of our hearing professionals will allow us to assess if you need one or two hearing aids


Myth: My hearing loss isn’t a problem for anyone else.

Fact: Hearing loss can actually cause you a lot of problems. It can interfere with communications, your social life, and your work performance as well.  Untreated hearing loss can lead to withdrawal, frustration, and even depression.

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