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New Drug for Noise Induced Hearing Loss

kc6Over the past few years Kathleen Campbell, Ph.D., an audiological researcher at Southern Illinois University, has been researching the use antioxidants to treat noise induced hearing loss.  Her research involves the use of D-Methionine to reduce or eliminate the free radicals in the cochlear structure.  In noise induced hearing loss, the noise presented to the ear changes the molecular structure of the cells in that produce the auditory sensation.  In these cells the molecular structure is altered so that there is only one electron in the atom.  This is what is called a “free radical”.  The antioxidants replace these lost electrons and bring the cell structure back to a healthy status.  The result of the research shows that that these antioxidants, when taken prior to the exposure and with 7 hours after the exposure can substantially reduce or eliminate noise induced hearing loss.  Dr. Campbell has gone through initial animal research, initial FDA clinical trials and is now in the final stages clinical trial, conducting the last of the necessary studies on the way to becoming a drug at the Drill Sergeants course at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Read the whole story on the Drugs for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

The link goes to the story of Phase 3 Drug Study for Noise Induced Hearing Loss published September 29, 2015  by Hearing Health and Technology Matters, LLC, Tuscon, Arizona.  Linked by permission.


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