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Lyric Hearing Aid

widex5Dr. Traynor has been working with the Lyric hearing aid device since its inception in 2008 making him the most experienced clinician with Lyric in Colorado and most of the Rocky Mountain area.  As part of their original clinical trial group, he has seen most all of the complications that can come from the use of this device.  The Lyric hearing system is a subscription to a device service where the hearing aids are placed deep in the ear canal and uses the ear’s natural anatomy to direct sound to the device, where it is then amplified and presented directly to the ear drum. The instrument is inserted about 4 mm from the eardrum and resides in the canal for 2-4 months when the battery will generally run out.  At that time, the patient returns to the clinic and the device is removed and new one is inserted. (Click Here for a video that demonstrates the insertion process)

widex6One of the big benefits of Lyric is that patients do not need to change their lifestyle around the hearing device, they shower, swim, use the phone just as before the hearing impairment was incurred. (Click here for how to use Lyric).  While not for everyone, Lyric offers freedom, ease of use and great benefit for those that choose this option. Lyric’s technology produces incredible, natural sound quality and is 100% invisible. Users experience improved ability to determine where sounds are coming from. This is called directionality and localization. 86% of Lyric users agree that Lyric hearing aids’ sound quality is very natural.