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Tips for Hearing and Communication at Family Dinners this Holiday Season

The holiday season is about to begin, and first on the menu is Thanksgiving Dinner. If you have a hearing loss, you may worry that you’ll miss moments of conversation at large family gatherings. We’ve put together some tips to help you communicate at the dinner table. Practical Hearing Tips With a lot of people

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Can Hearing Aids Help with Balance and Vertigo?

Hearing aids are commonly thought of as helping with hearing loss or some symptoms of tinnitus. But could they also help with balance issues or vertigo? Vertigo is common in older age, but it is estimated that 2% of the general population suffer from it. Of those, 75% also suffer from hearing problems. According to

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10 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of the Audiologist

Halloween can be a frightening time for your hearing health. Fireworks, coughs and colds, loud celebrations and tempting treats all threaten your hearing. But there’s one thing that you don’t need to fear. A visit to the audiologist can take you from eerie silences to better ‘h-eering’. Here’s ten reasons not to be afraid of

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October is National Audiology Awareness Month: How Frequently Should You Have Your Hearing Checked and Why

In 2008, the American Academy of Audiology named October ‘National Audiology Awareness Month.’ The Academy has been encouraging regular hearing screening and hearing protection ever since. The objective is to causes us all to re-examine how important hearing is to us in our everyday life, and remain vigilant in protecting this important sense. But how

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Exercises & Listening Activities to Help You Get the Most from Your Hearing Aids

The ability to hear relies on more than just our ears. Our brain actually does a lot of the work. This is why if you have had untreated hearing loss for a while, and start using hearing aids, you may be surprised that things aren’t instantly as perfect as you had hoped. Fortunately, there are

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