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Hearing Services

On the cutting edge of hearing care technology since 1972, Audiology Associates is Northern Colorado’s foremost provider of hearing services. Whether you struggle with day-to-day communication, need a hearing evaluation, earwax removal, wrestle with tinnitus or are looking for upgraded digital hearing technology, come see  Audiology Associates. As the premier diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing care clinic in Northern Colorado, we provide the following services:

Complete Hearing Evaluations

As Colorado Licensed Audiologists, we offer the most comprehensive diagnostic services in Colorado. Not only are the routine components of the evaluation assessed but we also conduct some further testing that supports and verifies the results. By using a battery of audiological tests to arrive at the degree, type and configuration of thews4 hearing impairment we can locate the actual point in the auditory system where the difficulty resides. This allows our Audiologists to determine if a referral is necessary back to your physician or if amplification can be of benefit. Beware of the “FREE HEARING TEST” as it is NOT a hearing evaluation. These free hearing tests are simply a cursory screening by an unlicensed sales person whose goal is just to sell you hearing aids, not necessarily provide the appropriate hearing rehabilitative treatment.

For specialized hearing evaluations, such as auditory brainstem response (ABR) Audiology Associates was one of the very first in Colorado to offer this technique. Currently, we offer ABR evaluations upon referral from the physicians in the area and we are a referral source for the Newborn Hearing Screening program at the North Colorado Medical Center. At Audiology Associates we also are a referral source for family physicians and pediatricians for hearing evaluation of children.

Hearing Instruments, Service, Repairs and Programming

At Audiology Associates a significant component of our business is hearing instruments. We sell service, repair and program most brands of hearing devices. When looking for an audiologist to purchase hearing devices it is not only necessary to determine if they are an audiologist, but also to determine if they have enough experience to work with your difficulty. At Audiology Associates we have seen your hearing impairment many times before and can recommend instruments or a referral to get you on the path to hearing and interacting with family and friends again. Beware of the sales operations where only one brandws6 of hearing devices are used as it is impossible to treat all hearing losses with one brand of hearing aids. While prices are similar it makes real difference as to where you obtain your hearing devices for the rehabilitative follow up services that are almost always necessary to get the most out of your devices. At Audiology Associates, if you are not satisfied with your hearing devices we will return them and work on other options from other manufacturers until we get the job done right!

Sometimes it is necessary to repair your hearing devices. Most manufacturers will repair their products, but they charge significantly more to do so if the instruments are over 5 years old or more. While we can still repair the instruments, it may make more sense to review the options with new instruments as they will have the latest technology, a new warranty and will offer the best result. Repairs are part of our business and when the devices return from being repaired they will usually have a 6 month or a 1 year warranty. Often we will have parts for your device and may be able to repair it on the spot.

Programming is free when your devices are under warranty and were purchased from Audiology Associates. If the devices not under warranty or were purchased somewhere else, there is a charge for this service. If you choose to use your current hearing devices and your hearing has changed, it is usually possible to reprogram them for the new hearing loss. It is typically necessary to conduct a new hearing evaluation so that the devices can be adjusted appropriately to the new hearing loss.

Extended Wear Hearing Instruments

These devices are currently only available from a single manufacturer, Phonak. The Lyric instruments have been available since 2008 and and are quite beneficial, allowing for amplification without changing a patients lifestyle.ws7 These devices, however, require some training, expertise and experience to understand the benefits, limitations and possible complications of their use. Our Audiologists have been using the Lyric product since its inception in 2008 and, for the first two years these products were on the market was one of the only audiologists in the Rocky Mountain area that was qualified to work with these instruments.

Vestibular (Balance) Assessment

ws8Upon referral from your physician the audiologists at Audiology Associates will conduct visual nystagmography or VNG study so that your physician can arrive at a diagnosis for your balance problem. We are the only clinic in Eastern Colorado that conducts this evaluation and receive referrals for this evaluation. The VNG assessment studies the location in the balance system where the problem resides and can tell your physician if physical therapy, medication or other treatment is necessary.

Tinnitus Education, Treatment, Management

Non-medical treatment for tinnitus has been around for quite awhile. The Tinnitus clinic conducted research in tinnitus treatment and rehabilitation where many of these methods were developed. At Audiology Associates we offer state-of-the-art tinnitus treatment techniques and products.

Hearing Rehabilitation

ws10Hearing rehabilitation is the treatment of the hearing problem and can require new hearing instruments, the reprogramming of old devices, or simply a rehabilitative look at lifestyle and your needs. Hearing rehabilitation will usually focus on adjusting to your hearing loss, making the best use of your hearing aids, exploring assistive listening devices that might be of benefit, managing conversations, and taking charge of your communication. Services can be individual, in small groups, or a combination of both.

Cerumen (Earwax) Management

The management of earwax is a major problem for some individuals. While earwax is a bit racial and very individualws11 it can vary from one ear to another, it can be dry or wet and requires some expertise to remove. At Audiology Associates the removal of earwax is part of our business and we have been doing it since the 1980s when audiologists were first allowed to learn how to remove it. We use a microscope and the same techniques that are used by otolaryngologists and family physicians in its removal. Earwax can cause blockages in the ear canal that cause difficulty hearing, cause squealing or plugging of hearing instruments and sometimes even tinnitus. We have the experience and expertise to provide this cerumen or earwax removal as a routine component of your hearing care. For our patients that have hearing devices under warranty we provide cerumen (earwax) management as a part of their routine service warranty.

Interoperative Montioring

ws12At Audiology Associates we pioneered operative monitoring procedures for Otolaryngologic and Thyroid suregery in Northern Colorado. Basically, operative monitoring is the monitoring of cranial nerves while surgeons are operating on a patient and it makes the procedures safer. Once the nerve is identified, the surgeon can then plot the course of the nerve in question and there is less chance of a severing an important nerve during the procedure. We began monitoring nerves at Audiology Associates in 1991 and currently serve as staff members at North Colorado Medical Center, Greeley, CO and the Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland, CO.

Our Audiologists have pioneered many audiological techniques and technologies in Colorado including: tinnitus treatment, auditory brainstem response, cerumen (earwax) management, advanced digital hearing aids, among others. Our patients are reassured by our unparallelled depth and breadth of experience.

You are never rushed at Audiology Associates. Our Audiologists provide you their full attention when listening to your hearing concerns and answering all of your questions before you leave his office. Visit Audiology Associates today to better understand what’s happening with your hearing and what can be done to improve it.

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