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Lifestyle Preferences

We now offer such a wide variety of hearing aid types and styles, we are able to help you find the ones that fit your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you need robust power or want a sleek design, we’ve got you covered. Need hearing aids with features and accessories to keep up with technology? No problem, we have what you need. Here is an overview of our hearing aids.

Hearing Aids that Fit Your Lifestyle

For every lifestyle, we have a hearing aid solution. We find the right hearing aid that fits your needs, whether that is an active outdoor lifestyle or relaxing on the couch watching your favorite shows. In addition to finding the hearing aid style for you, we also pair it with the hearing aid features that meet your individual and specific needs.

Tech-savvy? We’ve got you covered!

Want an easy way to connect technology to your hearing aid that allows you to stream sound and connect devices to your hearing aid? Get this: there’s an app for that! The Oticon ON App connects you directly to the “internet of things.” IFTTT (If This, Then That) which is an ever-expanding internet-based service that can easily integrate your hearing aids with a vast range of products, solutions, and actions. You can do some amazing things with it to make your life easier with hearing aids than without including connecting with:

  • Your home’s lights
  • Your cellphone
  • Your email
  • Security features
  • And much more – almost endless possibilities.

If this sounds right for your lifestyle, we will be happy to help you through the set-up process. There are also plenty of hearing aid accessories that are available to help make your life easier or just fit in with the lifestyle you already have.

Say “YES” to Fashion-Forward Design

Let’s be honest: consumers make purchases based on looks. That is why at Audiology Associates, we offer different hearing aid styles that were designed with your unique style in mind as well as matching your listening needs. Whether you want a muted, understated look or a pop of vibrant color behind your ears, our various models cater to every style.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Are you self-conscious about others seeing your hearing aids? Whether at work or at home, you may want to keep your hearing aids under wraps and we understand. We have hearing aid style options that are nearly undetectable.

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