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Google Live Transcribe & Other Apps To Help Hearing Impaired

Mild through to severe hearing loss brings many challenges to daily life. This is where recent advancements in technology can really open up the possibilities and improve your quality of life.

Whether or not you use a hearing aid, most of us have a smartphone and a computer and thereby have access to multiple applications that have been specifically designed to assist those with hearing impairments.

Here are 8 apps that help people with hearing loss:

Google Live Transcribe – This new app is still being tweaked, but it will use your phone’s microphone to listen and then adapt sounds into text for you to read. It supports more than 70 languages and can even interpret 2 different languages simultaneously.

Web Captioner – This app works in a very similar way, but it is designed for a for your computer. It will capture audio and convert it into a transcript for you to read.

Hearing Helper – Specifically for Apple devices, and only available through the Apple store, this app is much the same as the above two apps. When you hold down the button it listens and transcribes what it hears for you. It is also useful for people whose first language isn’t English.

Skype – This app has been around for a while. It opens up the use of video calls which can be easier for communicating if you find hearing on the phone difficult. Making a video call will enable you to lip read or use sign language effectively. It also allows you to type messages during the call, if you can’t understand something spoken.

Interpreter Now – This is an alternative to Skype. It’s a video relay interpreter and will connect you to a third party who can make your calls on your behalf. It effectively side-steps the hearing impairment issue.

NGTS – Similar to the ones mentioned above, this app allows you to use your phone or mobile to easily call someone who can’t hear or can’t speak over the phone. While you talk, a “Relay Assistant” on the call types what you say so the person you’re speaking to can read it and respond.

ASL Dictionary – This app is available in iTunes or the Google Play Store. For a small cost, you can teach yourself up to 5,200 signs. Definitely good to have this skill if you have contact with someone who is deaf.

SoundHound – Aimed at the hearing impaired music lover, this app works similarly to other transcribing apps. This app is designed to listen for the lyrics in music, so that you can read them and better connect with the songs.

We hope this gives you a taste of the help available at your fingertips, but why stop there? Look into banking apps to prevent stressful trips to the bank, travel apps to stay ahead of any last minutes changes. Entertainment or learning apps to enrich your life and stimulate your mind. Your hearing loss need not hold you back, thanks to technology.

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