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Gift Ideas for People with Hearing Loss

With the holiday season upon us, many of us can end up stuck on gift ideas. It can be particularly difficult if you’re shopping for someone with a hearing loss or who uses a hearing aid. But we’re ‘hear’ to help with these gift ideas.

The gift of communication

A captioned telephone will translate speech into text, opening up the world of telephone communication to anyone with a hearing loss. Keep your loved ones connected and improve your conversations with this unique gift idea.

For the active person  

Affordable accessories such as hearing aid clips or a sweatband could be a thoughtful and useful gift to keep them moving and protect their device.

For the gadget lover

  • A vibrating alarm clock will mean they are never late again. These nifty gadgets can vibrate your pillow or shake your bed. Philips have also developed an alarm clock that’s suitable for individuals with a hearing loss. The alarm clock begins to illuminate gently from sunrise, allowing for a gradual wake up alarm!
  • Portable Assistive Listening devices can help in many ways, either when out for a meal or at home watching tv. Products and prices vary from $30 upwards.
  • A dehumidifier is not the most exciting gift, but it is an inexpensive and incredibly useful one for hearing aid wearers. Protecting hearing aid devices from moisture is one great way to help prolong their lifespan.

For the fashionista

  • ‘Louder’ jewelry create beautiful ASL inspired pieces that make a proud statement about hearing loss whilst also spelling out sentimental messages.
  • Smart jewelry is fashionable technology. There’s a variety of products, some track your movements, measure your heart rate, record voice memos or prevent missed cell phone calls by vibrating or lighting up when a call is incoming.

For the music or media lover

  • Noise cancelling headphones are a great gift for anyone who wants to listen to music, the television, etc. without background noise. These are especially useful for a frequent commuter (prices vary greatly). The additional benefit is that these can help protect the wearer’s hearing, by enabling them to listen to their media at a lower volume!
  • TV sound bars are designed to make sound more clear. Some use hearing aid technology to raise voices above background noise.

Hopefully we’ve helped inspire you this holiday season. Of course, if any of the above don’t quite fit the bill, why not consider the gift of support? Come along with a loved one who is overdue a hearing test. For more information or to book an appointment today, call us on (970) 352-2881 or click here to request an appointment online.

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