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Common Problems with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are invaluable to us; they help us go about our daily lives safely, interact and enjoy life even if you suffer from hearing loss. When something goes wrong with our device, it can be very concerning and stressful. So, to help we put together the top issues you may face and how to troubleshoot them.

Top 5 Hearing Aid Problems

There are a common list of problems that may impact your hearing aids. These include:

  1.  Your hearing aid has gotten wet

Your hearing aid will naturally be exposed to some moisture. But, if you are concerned it’s gotten wet, leave it to air, or place in a bag of uncooked rice. Always remember to remove your aids when you shower, bathe or swim.

  1. Hearing aid making noises

A whistling noise or feedback is typically an indication that your aid isn’t well fitted. When it is, the fit should be snug. Turn the volume down, if the noise stops it means a poor fit is causing a sound leak. Try removing and refitting, or speak to your hearing specialist about a different dome size, and ask them to check for wax build up in your ears.

  1. Hearing aid not working

It sounds silly, but check it’s switched on!

  1. Weak sound

Consider how recently you had a check up, could your hearing have changed?

  1.  Sound is distorted

Check for corrosion on the battery or contact points. If you notice any corrosion, your hearing specialist can advise on how to safely clean your aid. .

Should you experience the problems above, this checklist can help you troubleshoot:

✓ Is the battery in correctly? (The door should close easily, and the aid then switch on.)

✓ Replace the battery.

✓ Check the tubing, microphone, dome and mold for any moisture or waxy blockage.  Gently remove the tubing, clean then leave to dry.

✓ Is the volume set too low?

✓ Is it on the correct setting/program? I.e. has it been left on “T” setting (for loop listening)

✓ Does the device look damaged? Is the tubing, squashed or cracked? If yes, contact us.

Most hearing aid problems can be easily resolved. If after troubleshooting your hearing aid you are still having problems, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot any problems that you may be having.

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