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Why Choose Audiology Associates

At Audiology Associates, you are in the hands of a true expert, Dr. Robert Traynor. Dr. Traynor has pioneered the latest treatment techniques and technologies for hearing impairment since 1972.

  • He was the first practitioner in Colorado to use programmable (late 1980s) and then digital (1996) hearing instruments.
  • Dr. Traynor is the Rocky Mountain’s most experienced provider of the extended wear device, Lyric. We began working with these products in 2008 and have seen the benefits as well as the possible complications with extended wear devices.
  • Before many doctors were recognizing tinnitus as a real problem, in 1982 Dr. Traynor began a tinnitus clinic at Colorado State University. He has continued to provide treatment with much success, using more advanced technologies.
  • In the 1980s, Dr. Traynor was using the very first Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) technology in Northern Colorado to detect deafness in babies, Ménière’s Disease and acoustic tumors.
  • Dr. Traynor is a sought after speaker in the audiological business world. He has lectured on most audiological topics in over 40 countries. For 17 years, he was the Senior International Audiology Consultant for a top hearing instruments manufacturer.

At Audiology Associates, you receive unparalleled comprehensive audiological services. As a clinician, professor and practice manager for over 4 decades, Dr. Traynor surprises his patients with how much time he spends with them. He appreciates what precedes a decision to get hearing care. If you’re considering a hearing evaluation, there isn’t a better choice than Dr. Bob Traynor at Audiology Associates.