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About Us

20131230 Audiology Associates-1-1Audiology Associates has provided hearing care since our office opened in 1972. We offer general audiology services for all ages, with an emphasis in amplification and operative monitoring. Our practice is the oldest and most trusted audiology and hearing aid practice in Colorado. We’ve been dispensing hearing aids longer than anyone else in Northern Colorado. When patients come to us, they know they are coming to the true audiology expert west of the Mississippi and possibly in this country.

Some of our patients drive for more than 3 hours to experience superior hearing care and personalized service. Those patients know we are the most educated, most knowledgeable and best facility providing diagnostic audiology and hearing aids in Colorado and that our emphasis is on the patient, not on sales.

At Audiology Associates, we provide the personalized attention that you deserve and truly listen to your story. We understand that deciding to treat your hearing is a difficult process and we want to make the rest of your hearing journey as smooth as possible. That’s why we give you all the time you need to choose the treatment option that will best accommodate your hearing loss, your budget and your lifestyle. Our job is not done once you choose a hearing care option. We follow up with you to ensure your chosen products and services actually provide the intended benefit. At Audiology Associates, our patients feel at ease as their unique journey to hearing better unfolds.