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5 Tips To Help You Talk to Your Loved One about Hearing Loss

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. It’s a day to celebrate love, but what can you do if you notice that your loved one’s hearing has declined? How can you approach the delicate subject without ruining the romance of the day?

A decline in a loved one’s hearing is stressful, and it can affect their entire family. We’ve put together five tips to help you speak to your loved one about hearing loss this Valentine’s Day.

Compassion & Empathy  

Being diagnosed with hearing loss can be very difficult for an individual. It’s not uncommon for someone to grieve the loss of their hearing. The first step in speaking to your loved one about hearing loss, is to understand the impact it may have on them. Your loved one may view hearing loss as a sign of their aging.They may also believe it will prevent them from doing the things they used to love. Explain how you understand their concerns; that you’re focused on their continued inclusion in daily activities. This should tactfully demonstrate that the hearing loss is not only impacting the individual.

Choose Your Words

How you approach the conversation is important. Avoid referring to “their” problem, as this can provoke a defensive response. Try to instead use examples of how their hearing loss is affecting you. For example, rather than saying “you need to have your hearing checked” when your loved one has asked you to repeat yourself multiple times, try “I feel exhausted having to repeat everything twice”. Above all, speak from a place of love and understanding; let them know they are not alone.

Location, location, location

Where you choose to have the conversation is equally as important as how you approach the topic. Rather than bring it up in the moment, plan in advance. Choose a quiet, private place to talk. Find somewhere that your loved one is comfortable. It could be your favorite local restaurant, or perhaps in the comfort of their own home.

Stay Positive

There are positive benefits to your loved one addressing their hearing loss. Studies have shown that improving one’s hearing can reduce feelings of isolation, depression, and reduce the risks of dementia or alzheimer’s. Take some time to understand the benefits of treating a hearing loss. Learn about how smart hearing aids can change the life of someone with a hearing loss.

Offer Support

Your loved one may be anxious about speaking to a hearing care professional. Offer to go to their hearing appointment with them. Your emotional support can be a vital support pillar.

The greatest gift you can give this Valentine’s is your love and support. Communication is the key to this. If you would like any further advice or to arrange an appointment with one of our caring professionals please call (970) 352-2881 or click here to request an appointment online.

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