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4 Ways A Smart Hearing Aid Can Change Your Life

Smart devices have become a part of our everyday lives. From smartphones, to watches, even TVs, many of us have enjoyed the benefits of technological advances in the past decade. If you haven’t already heard about smart hearing aids, find out how these nifty devices can hep to change your life.

They Learn and Adapt

The first time you wear your hearing aid, you might find yourself making manual adjustments to the volume. But who wants to continuously be adjusting volume levels! Smart hearing aids learn from and remember every volume adjustment you make. In just a few weeks, it will have learned what your volume preferences are.

They “Outsmart” Wind

Wind can be quite a nuisance if you wear a hearing aid. Gusts of wind hitting the small microphones inside a standard hearing aid can make it difficult to follow conversations. But the smart hearing aids of today do not have this issue! They will balance out the audio signals between the two aids, and ensure that the side that is suffering from more wind will be fed greater audio cues from the side with less wind.

They Can Outperform ‘Normal’ Hearing

Conversations in a noisy environment can be challenging, but even more so if you wear a hearing aid. Smart hearing aids are the ideal device for noisy social locations, such as a restaurant. They hone in on speech, while suppressing background noise. In certain test environments, this has shown to actual provide superior hearing capabilities to those with normal hearing!

They Connect to Other Devices

One of the best advantages to smart devices is their ability to connect to other smart devices in your home. Smart hearing aids are no different. Using Bluetooth technology, they can connect with smartphones, your TV, your smart home assistant, the list goes on.

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