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10 Reasons Not to Be Afraid of the Audiologist

Halloween can be a frightening time for your hearing health. Fireworks, coughs and colds, loud celebrations and tempting treats all threaten your hearing. But there’s one thing that you don’t need to fear. A visit to the audiologist can take you from eerie silences to better ‘h-eering’. Here’s ten reasons not to be afraid of the audiologist.

A visit to any medical center is enough to send a shiver down some people’s spine. Top nightmares about the audiologist include terrifying tests that belong in Frankenstein’s lab, a diagnosis to make your blood run cold, and an invoice that would send you howling to the moon! But we’re here to show how there’s nothing to fear about a visit to our office with our top 10 reasons to not be afraid of the audiologist.

  1. Audiologists are caring professionals, we talk you through every step of the process and your input helps us do our job.
  2. It’s difficult to stay scared when you are prepared and understand what’s going to happen at your appointment. We’ve got plenty of patient resources on hand to help you prepare for your visit. Check them out here!
  3. Hearing exams are non invasive and pain free. They involve a visual examination, a few questions, and wearing headphones to signal when you hear certain sounds. Nothing scary involved!
  4. If you’re worried your hearing has changed, taking action is your best next step. It is better to know what your options are now, rather than risking further loss of hearing by waiting.
  5. Hearing Aid technology has advanced so much that they can be almost invisible when worn. Take a look at our products page.
  6. Apps and technology can add to your hearing experience. They can make your life with hearing loss so much more easy.
  7. If you have concerns about financing your hearing aids, please speak to us for advice. Payment plans or assistance such as Veteran’s Administration benefits may be available.
  8. Audiologists study a degree and then a doctorate in audiology, including practical experience and observations. That’s a lot of commitment and a wealth of specialist knowledge along a with passion for hearing health. We are also state registered and licensed, so you really are in safe hands.
  9. Many people are worried about going to get their hearing checked so we are used to seeing patients with some anxiety. To highlight this: “there are 48 million people in the U.S. affected by hearing loss and of the 28.8 million Americans (age 20-69) who could benefit from wearing hearing aids, fewer than 16 percent have ever used them and only 3.65 million hearing aid units were dispensed in the United States during 2016.” So you’re not alone in how you may be feeling.
  10. Hearing Loss is the “third most common chronic physical issue in the US,” according to a CDC finding. As it impacts so many people and treatment options continue to advance, the stigma around it is improving. If anything, it has been shown that after treatment your risk of social isolation and anxiety/depression will improve. You are likely to feel more confident and be able to interact more.

Halloween is a fun and thrilling time; missing out on the things that go bump in the night is potentially far more scary than a visit to see the audiologist. If we’ve managed to chase your fears away, why not book an appointment? Contact us at (970) 352-2881 to book a consultation with one of our hearing care professionals today.

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