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The Acoustic Throne

As hearing aids go quite a bazaar device.  Commissioned by a Portuguese King in the early 1800’s, the Acoustic Throne remains one of the worlds most interesting devices and quite remarkable technology for its time.   Check it at the following link: The Acoustic Throne The link goes to the story of Joao’s Acoustic Throne,

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The Hearing of Adolf Hitler

For many years Dr. Traynor has studied the hearing capabilities and the hearing losses of famous individuals.  By studying their ailments and their behaviors, often the hearing impairment can be estimated.  There is a great story by Dr. Traynor about Hitler and his hearing loss that is in three parts at Hearing Health and Technology

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Smart Hearing Aid

One thing I’ve noticed throughout my career is that hearing loss knows no age. For every patient that’s told me “I’m not old enough for hearing aids,” meet Rachael. She’s living proof that despite moderate to severe hearing loss, you can live an active life. See how connects to her world with smart hearing aid technology.

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A Free Hearing Test is not a Hearing Evaluation

Until recently, there were only a couple of places that offered hearing instruments to the public in Greeley. Today there are many outlets that offer hearing instruments and it is difficult for the average consumer to discern the differences between the “deal of the weekend” in the paper, “free hearing tests” and other offers that

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