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Advanced Hearing Instruments

We find the best advanced hearing instruments for YOU!

At Audiology Associates, we have access to most hearing instrument manufacturers. In our opinion, no one hearing aid manufacturer can serve all patients equally so for each and every patient we search for the exact product that will be the most hearing aid typesefficient and beneficial among those on the market. There are 6 major hearing instrument manufacturers in the worldwide marketplace. All of the 60-70+ hearing instrument brands seen on the internet and other places are likely made by one of them. Dr. Traynor surveys the products available and looks for the the highest technology at most the reasonable costs and chooses those that will likely provide the the best possible performance at reasonable costs for each individual patient. While most of the available products offer assistance to the hearing impaired there are generally two or three manufacturers in the marketplace that stand out among the others at any given time. He continuously searches the literature, technology, and patient success and uses his extensive experience, scientific background in audiology to select the very best product for each patient’s hearing impairment.

There are many different styles, sizes and shapes of hearing devices that can be used to augment your hearing. Instruments may be in the ear, behind the ear or receiver in the ear, in the ear, in the canal, completely in the canal or they may even be extended wear and stay in your ear from 2-4 months at a time. At your consultation all of the possible styles that could be used for your hearing loss will be presented along with their advantages and limitations. Check out the advanced hearing instruments on this page, these are Dr. Traynor’s current favorites, but these could change as the technology changes.


Featured Hearing Device – The ReSound LiNX²





Featured Hearing Device – The Widex Unique 440



Featured Hearing Device – Lyric by Phonak


For the details on these and other products and your complimentary consultation, call Audiology Associates today at 877-499-4327 or our local number at 970-352-2881 for more information.

In addition tho those listed above here are other manufacturers that work with Audiology Associates: